St. Louis Rams Should Sign Tim Tebow

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As most of you have heard the annual Sam Bradford injury has happened before the season even started (I had Week 6 in my Bradford injury pool). Now that the St. Louis Rams are without their quarterback (again), they'll now turn to veteran backup Shaun Hill. But it doesn't have to be that way for the Rams, because there's a guy named Tim Tebow that's still out there. Yes, I said it and I'm dead serious, this needs to happen.

I'm with the majority of the pundits that believe that Tebow kind of sucks, and he does. But he still finds ways to win despite his suckiness. Tebow was the phenomenon of phenomenons back in 2011 when he led the Denver Broncos to a division title in a very weak AFC West that year. Not only that but he played the game of his life in the wild card victory over the heavy favorite Pittsburgh Steelers. Then the Broncos signed Peyton Manning and tossed Tebow out like garbage. We know the rest, a failed stint with the New York Jets and not making the New England Patriots team last year.

That's the thing to, you can't half-ass Tebow. If you bring Tebow on to your team you have to dive right in. That's why he never worked out with those other teams. The Rams really have nothing to lose at this point, so why not dive right in there? They're already equipped with a good running game and defense. As long it's still close in the 4th quarter that's when Tebow works his magic.

Tebow to the Rams would also be great for entertainment purposes. Could you just imagine the two games against the Seattle Seahawks? Richard Sherman trash talking Tebow and Tebow possibly talking some smack back. We all know Tebow is physical, fiery guy. He would fit in well in the AFC West. Let us not even mention the prospect of conservative christian Tebow being on the same team as the first openly gay player Michael Sam. Pardon me as I drool on my keyboard thinking about all the crap I could write just on Tebow and Sam alone.

I doubt the Rams will sign Tebow, because that would just be too good to be true. I can dream though right? 

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