2015 NFL: Wild Card Picks

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It's Wild Card weekend and we have ourselves four games to pick. And of course I'm probably not going to feel good about any of my picks. Let's do this.

Kansas City Chiefs At Houston Texans:

The Chiefs beat up the Texans pretty good in Week 1, but after that they lost five in a row only to win the next ten games after that. And now we've come full circle. Could the Texans end the Chiefs winning streak? It's not inconceivable, but how could that happen? DeAndre Hopkins would be a good start. This is the one dude on the Texans offense that could single-handily take over a game. The Texans could also pull off the upset with one of those games where J.J. Watt just takes over and has like five sacks or something. Of course if the Texans get down 17-3 at halftime, then they're dog meat. I like the Chiefs to make it 11 in a row.

Chiefs 23 Texans 15

Pittsburgh Steelers At Cincinnati Bengals:

The Steelers got this right? They have the most explosive offense in the league and they've been there and done that. The Bengals always lose in the playoffs too, so this should be elementary. Unless maybe it's a good thing that the 12-4 Bengals are a home underdog. Seriously, we're all expecting them to lose and they have a built-in excuse with the Andy Dalton injury. Yes, the pressure will be off to a certain degree and A.J. McCarron will do enough to expose the awful Pittsburgh defense. UPSET SPECIAL y'all!

Bengals 30 Steelers 27

Seattle Seahawks At Minnesota Vikings:

Seattle absolutely crushed the Vikes 38-7 when these teams played in the regular season. Now it would be hard to imagine a second such beat down, but how could the Vikings actually win this game? Obviously a big game from Adrian Peterson would need to be part of the equation, I'd also say a defensive/special teams touchdown, and maybe three or four big passing plays from Teddy Bridgewater. Still it's hard to imagine Bridgewater beating Seattle's defense. No 38-7 this time, but a valiant Vikings effort won't quite be enough. 

Seahawks 27 Vikings 20

Green Bay Packers At Washington Redskins:

Tough one to pick, probably the toughest of them all. On one hand the Redskins are the hotter team and they've been very good at home. On the other hand the Packers still have Aaron Rodgers, although James Jones is his most reliable target. It's clear that the loss of Jordy Nelson has been bigger than we might have thought. This game does kind of have the feel of the Packers/Vikings game (the first one) where the Vikings were the hot team and the Packers looked horrible and we were all hot on Minny, only for the Packers to come in there and beat the crap out of the Vikes 30-13. Yes, I believe the team that's been there down that will beat the team that's playing better. And who knows, maybe the Packers will be that one team that people sleep on since they backed into the playoffs only to get on a roll now. We've seen this before.

Packers 30 Redskins 20