Falsity News: BREAKING: Tom Brady Re-Injures Ankle, Will Miss Playoffs

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports
Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady didn't quite look like himself in the New England Patriots 20-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins, in the regular season finale. It was later reported that Brady did indeed have a high ankle sprain.

It looks like Brady's bum ankle will keep him out of the playoffs. It's unfortunate, because Brady was definitely an MVP candidate for his inflatable raft team. Yes, let's be clear Brady will still play in the NFL Foosball playoffs, but he will miss the playoffs for his raft team.

This past year Brady joined the IRL (Inflatable Raft League) a league in which teams compete against each other to inflate and deflate rafts the fastest. Some members in the league said that Brady was possibly the best deflator of all time. Two time IRL champion Rush Limbaugh had this to say "I've never seen anyone deflate rafts faster than Brady. He's definitely had past experience in that". Limbaugh is known to be the best inflator as people say he has a lot of hot air in him.

Brady's team, 'The Blowhards' will now turn to Jimmy Garrapablow to replace him. 

Things may get really interesting soon, as there have been reports by Adam Shiftier that the PSI levels of the rafts may have been a little off for the Blowhards team. Sounds a little fishy to me, perhaps the Wisconsin police department had something to do with this. After all they make murderers. 

Stay tuned next week for the follow up article which will try to explain how a ankle sprain would prevent someone from inflating and deflating rafts. 

The preceding was a parody article for entertainment purposes only