2015 NFL Picks: Divisional Round

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs At New England Patriots:

The Chiefs are now at 11 wins in a row after dismantling the Houston Texans last week. The Patriots are a whole different animal though and I'm not quite sure the Chiefs are ready to take this next step, because four lettered S word is about to get real. The Chiefs definitely have a shot, because they have the type of defense that could slow down the Pats, much like the Jets in 2010 and the Ravens in 2012. I have a strange feeling though that the Pats were kind of laying low their past two games, knowing they had a bye in their pocket. I think this is the game where they re-emerge as a serious threat to the title once again.

Patriots 34 Chiefs 24

Green Bay Packers At Arizona Cardinals:

In Week 16 the Cardinals sandblasted the Packers 38-8, I don't see that happening for a second time. The Packers actually looked like their old selves. Was last weeks win against the Redskins a sign of things to come or just an aberration against an average team? We shall find out, but I'm predicting a close game either way, just like I did in the Week 16 game. Every year it seems that at least one of the home teams in round two comes out flat, and I think that team could be the Cards. Yes, the Packers will get a lead early, but the Cards will come roaring back, only to fall just a bit short. The Packers are back.............UPSET SPECIAL 

Packers 30 Cardinals 28

Seattle Seahawks At Carolina Panthers:

The Seahawks were a 27 yard field goal away from being bye bye, but instead they're on to Carolina, a team they always have close, physical games with. Some people say that Seattle is destined to win the Super Bowl after being one yard away last year. I say the Panthers have been disregarded and not given much respect all year, and they've been thriving on that all year. I like them squeeze by here to host their first NFC Championship game ever.

Panthers 21 Seahawks 17

Pittsburgh Steelers At Denver Broncos:

The Steelers may have won the ugly battle last Saturday night against the Bengals, but they may have lost the war. Ben will probably play, but we know he's banged up and might not be able take the deep shots. Still not quite sure on Antonio Brown either. The fact of the matter is that the Steelers are probably to banged up to win in Denver. On the other hand, it;s not like the Broncos have been lighting the world on fire all season and we don't really know what we'll get from Peyton Manning, but I have a feeling he might look a little like himself again against the crappy Pittsburgh secondary.

Broncos 24 Steelers 20