Falsity News: BREAKING: David Blatt Fired Due To Sexual Relationship With Lebron James

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

In shocking NBA news, the Cleveland Cavaliers fired Head Coach David Blatt earlier this week, despite the team being in first place.

New reports coming in are suggesting the firing of Blatt happened because of a sexual relationship with Lebron James. According to En-Bee-Ay News, the relationship between Blatt and James had been going on for about a year. The relationship soured when Blatt started seeing Kevin Love.

Apparently James had a Tom Brady like temper-tantrum when he found out. He began throwing chairs, water bottles, and Kyrie Irving at Blatt. James then threatened to take his talents to the Milwaukee Bucks if Blatt wasn't fired immediately. Lebron gets what Lebron wants.

James didn't waste any time getting back in the dating game, as he's set to go on a date with Floyd Mayweather.

As for Kevin Love, he'll be sent to the Antarctica league as per requested by Bron Bron. Talk about a chilling end to this gay story.

The preceding was a parody article for entertainment purposes only.