Falsity News: BREAKING: New England Patriots QB Tom Brady Endorses Donald Trump For President

No matter where you turn it's hard to not hear about GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump. Even some of Trump's old adversaries like Chris Christie and Ben Carson have endorsed him. Well, add another name to that list.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady announced earlier today on his Dumblr account that he's endorsing Donald Grump for president. Brady had this to say....

"Donald has always been a good friend yo. When I was getting grilled for Deflategate, Donald told me to say nothing even though I was guilty. What a good friend he's always been. He also said he would pay my legal fees if I punched a stupid reporter in the face"

Brady will be holding a rally for Trump, but only true Patriots can come according to Brady. Yep, the won't be any Raiders or Steelers invited, because the rally is for Patriots players and coaches only.

Now that Brady is behind Trump (in mores than one) other NFL people are starting to endorse the other candidates.

Tim Tebow endorses Ted Cruz

Roger Goodell endorses Hillary Clinton

Cam Newton endorses Bernie Sanders 

Peyton Manning endorses Marco Rubio

We asked a bunch of players if they would endorse John Kasich, to which they all responded... Who the hell is John Kasich?

The preceding was a parody article for entertainment purposes only.