Falsity News: BREAKING: Von Miller Traded To Dallas Cowboys For Tony Romo And Draft Picks

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller, the current Super Bowl MVP seemed destined to cash in big time with the Denver Broncos, in this his contract year. The Broncos wisely placed the franchise tag on their studly LB, but tensions have been rising on both sides as a new deal has been hard to come by.

It looks as if drastic measures have been taken as Miller was just traded to the Dallas Cowboys about 45 seconds ago. In return the Broncos get Tony Romo, Rolando McClain, three 9th round draft picks in 2030, 2031, and 2032 (the 9th round should exist by then).

The Cowboys will now have the pass rushing threat they've been missing since the days of Randy Gregory. For the Broncos they now get a solid QB who can manage games and avoid game changing mistakes in the 4th quarter. The Broncos will also have McClain who can replace Miller, even though they play different positions, but at least he'll be able to start right away.

Looks like this idiotic and nonsensical trade is a win-win for all involved. 

The preceding was a parody article for entertainment purposes only.