Falsity News: Lebron James Rips Kevin Durants Decision To Join Golden State Warriors

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant sent shock waves through the NBA landscape when he announced he would be leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the 73-9 Western Conference Champion Golden State Warriors (Try saying that 53 times fast). 

Many people have been critical of Durant's decision, some important, and some non-important like the self-righteous blow-hard Steven A. Smith. Probably the most important person to come out of the woodwork to talk some smack is the current Finals MVP Lebron James.

Earlier today James posted this from his Instasham account...

"I'm very disappointed by DUH-rants decision to join the Warriors. Talk about having no loyalty. I can assure I would never do anything so callous and he shouldn't have either. We need to make the NBA great again. Also, Kev if you reading this, try using lemon juice and Lysol Spray to get the burn stains from yo jerseys. Sure helped for my burnt jerseys"

 The saga continues....Wu Tang Wu Tang

The preceding was a parody article for entertainment purposes only.