Falsity News: BREAKING: Brock Lesnar Makes Huge Announcement On Future With WWE And UFC

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Brock Lesnar made history at UFC 200, by being the first person to fight in UFC while still under contract with the WWE. Lesnar was successful in his UFC return as he defeated Mark Hunt by a unanimous decision.

Lesnar is set to face Randy Orton at the annual WWE Summerfest PPV, but after is anyone's guess.

Lesnar appeared on the sports debate show Second Take on ESPN 8 (The Ocho) to talk about his future.

"I've been pondering on what to do. Should I stay in WWE? Should I leave for UFC? Should I do what I'm doing now and kind of do both? Well I've come to the decision that after my WWE contract expires, that I'm not going to do either. Instead I'm going to try a completely new venture. I wanna dance!"

What a yuge shock! The most bad gas fighter of all time hanging up his boots to be a prissy dancer. Lesnar explained his strategy on how he would win dancing competitions he enters.

"Well before the competitions start I'm going to just beat the crap out of the other contestants in the dressing room before the events get started. Not with my fists, but with engaging political debates. Then we're they're stunned and trying to think of rebuttals, I'm going to punch them in the face and knock em out and take their money too even though I don't need it"

Wow. Sure sounds like Lesnar has really matured in his later years. We wish him in best in his new dancing endeavors.

The preceding was a parody article for entertainment purposes only.