Fraudulent News: BREAKING: Nikki Bella And John Cena Get Engaged

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Nikki Bella and John Cena are no doubt the hottest couple in the WWE. Although their relationship isn't addressed on WWE programming (Raw,Smackdown, etc.) it's a well known fact that the two are a real life couple, especially if you watch the 'reality' show Total Divas. 

Cena's last marriage ended in a messy divorce, which is the main reason he can't take that next step with Nikki. That is until now. Yes Cena and Bella are now engaged! Of course not engaged to be married. How are they engaged you ask? They are currently engaged in an intense chocolate pudding wrestling match.

Nikki had Cena in big time trouble, but Cena never gave up. Cena rose to the occasion (and then some) delivering a flying shoulderblock, sitout hip toss, side-release spinout powerbomb, five Knuckle Shuffle (fistdrop for all you known wrestling people), and a Attitude Adjustment.

Seeing as that match was in public, Cena was rightfully arrested for beating up a woman. Cena will be staying in the same jail that The Mountie stayed at during Summerslam 91. Here's the video footage if you don't remember.

After all these years, The Mountie still doesn't like how leather feels against his body.

The preceding was parody article for entertainment purposes only.