Parody News: CM Punk Gets Into Physical Altercation With Vince McMahon

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Although CM Punk has officially joined the UFC and left the world of professional wrestling behind, some could say he still holds a grudge. Punk has not had the kindest of words for WWE and it's owner Vince McMahon.

Punk and McMahon crossed paths in the DWI airport and all heck broke loose. Punk lunged into McMahon as the two fell into a cross-dressing mime show. The mimes called for security, but nobody could here them because mimes don't talk. Punk had McMahon in a headlock as one of the mimes revealed himself to be Virgil "Please take me back to WWE" screamed Virgil as he got down on his knees and said "Ain't nobody even know how I am anymore! Duke The Dumpster Drose gets more action than me"

McMahon later said he didn't ask Virgil for help because he's useless and a bad dresser. Anyway Cm Punk was arrested by The Mountie and McMahon hopped in a getaway car outside. The driver was Rikishi, he did it for the Rock. Yes, Rocky Maivia setup the encounter between Punk and McMahon for one simple force McMahon to let him in the Money In The Bank Bladder Match, a match that's the first of it's kind, where the guy who holds his bladder the longest wins. In the words of Good Ole JR "My god! Pissness is about to pick up! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!

The preceding was a pardoy article for entertainment purposes only.