2016 NFL: Week 3 Picks

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 of the NFL season, like always laid the smackdown on our perceived reality of the league. Teams people were hot on like the Raiders, Lions, and Buccaneers all laid eggs. Whereas you have three 2-0 teams, the Ravens, Eagles, and Giants where it's hard to really tell the legitimacy based on level of competition. So this week will be a true pain to try to pick. Get ready for a lot of "Not quite sure what to make of this game/team"

Houston Texans At New England Patriots: The Patriots haven't skipped a beat despite no Tom Brady and numerous other key injuries. But having a 3rd string QB going up against the Texan defense on a short week will finally be too much for the Pats to overcome. (Texans 23 Patriots 16)

Arizona Cardinals At Buffalo Bills: One of the few good picks I made last week was trusting the Cards to bounce back against the Bucs and I was right big time. Although this looks like an easy game against the downtrodden Bills, let us not forget that a new OC could provide a spark, the Buffalo crowd is always hot, and the Bills could definitely hit some bombs against a suspect secondary. UPSET SPEC......not so fast, this season is not meant to be for the Bills and they'll blow it in the end. (Cardinals 22 Bills 21)

Cleveland Browns At Miami Dolphins: I've been staring this game down for a while, but why? Nothing special, no upset special. Just take the Dolphins and move on. (Dolphins 24 Browns 10)

Baltimore Ravens At Jacksonville Jaguars: Not quite sure what to make of this game (that's one). The Jags may have been a little overrated coming into this season (like I predicted), but the Ravens have merely beaten the Bills and Browns by a combined 11 points. I didn't think the Jags had a good o-line to begin with and seeing as they lost their LT and Elvis Dumervil is possibly returning, I'm liking the Ravens to improve to 3-0 (Ravens 26 Jaguars 23)

Oakland Raiders At Tennessee Titans: Not quite sure what to make of this game either (that's two). My gut says the Raiders, so we'll leave it at that (Raiders 28 Titans 26)

Detroit Lions At Green Bay Packers: I know this is the Packers home opener, but eight points seems like too much for a team that hasn't looked great. We'll give them the win in a close one. (Packers 21 Lions 17)

Denver Broncos At Cincinnati Bengals: Should be a great game. Trevor Siemian has looked decent so far, but at Cincy is a tough road game to start with. This is also the Bengals home opener, so yeah (Bengals 21 Broncos 15)

Minnesota Vikings At Carolina Panthers: Another great game. The Vikings will probably be fine without Adrian Peterson (he might have hit the wall anyway), but losing LT Matt Kalil might be to much to overcome, especially on the road against the Panthers (Panthers 27 Vikings 16)

Washington Redskins At New York Giants: There's just something about the Giants playing at home in a game that they should win. The Redskins seem destined for last place though, so just close your eyes and take the Giants (Giants 24 Redskins 20)

Los Angeles Rams At Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Not quite sure what....yeah whatever. Anyways we all know the Rams have a great defense (or maybe it's just great against Seattle). The Bucs...well I truly don't know about them. They seem like they could be on the rise, but just when you start to buy-in on them they lay an egg like last week. Dour Martin being out could be a thing too, we'll see (Rams 16 Bucs 13)

San Francisco 49'ers At Seattle Seahawks: Interesting tidbit for all you gamblers out there. Seattle is favored in this game by only four points less than the combined points they've scored in their first two games. So this is where they put all together huh? Yeah, they'll beat craptastic San Fran at home, but something stinks in Starbucksville. (Seahawks 17 49'ers 10)

New York Jets At Kansas City Chiefs: When in doubt, KC at home is usually a good bet. (Chiefs 27 Jets 20)

San Diego Chargers At Indianapolis Colts: The Colts should get this win at home to avoid going 0-3, but they won't because they suck. How you like that for in-depth analysis? (Chargers 30 Colts 28)

Pittsburgh Steelers At Philadelphia Eagles: Tricky game to call (There's a different wording for it). The Steelers on paper should win this game no problem. Typically in these Philly-Pitt games, the home team always wins. The Eagles have looked better than anyone could have imagined thus far, still I'll go with the Steelers, although a Philly win wouldn't surprise me (Steelers 34 Eagles 27)

Chicago Bears At Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys should have no problem here. They're at home on Sunday night against a banged up Bears team with Brian Hoyer at QB. Except for the fact that this is the exact type of game that the Cowboys no-show every year...UPSET SPECIAL (Bears 27 Cowboys 22)

Atlanta Falcons At New Orleans Saints: Unless one of these teams is clearly better than the other, just go with the home team and call it a day (Saints 30 Falcons 27)