Top 10 Most Offensive NFL Team Names (Besides Washington Redskins)

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We all know about the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins team name. It's offensive to some, but others respect the history, and some don't care either way. You could compare it to the recent Confederate Flag controversy. Whatever the case, this is the world we live in today.

What I've done is made a top ten list of other NFL team names that could be considered offensive. The list is in no particular order.

1. Dallas Cowboys: 

If everyone is so concerned about 'Redskins' being derogatory towards Native Americans, then what about the white cowboys who slaughtered them? I guess it's okay if you have a giant star as your logo though.

2. Oakland Raiders/Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

I combined these two, seeing as they're both names for pirates. And what is it that pirates are known for? Raping, pillaging, and stealing. In the words of Mrs. Lovejoy "Won't someone please think of the children!"

3. New York Giants:

This team name is likely offensive to anyone named Jack. It's also offensive to short people, or should I say vertically challenged? Also for anyone in the Knights Watch (You know nothing John Snow)

4. New England Patriots:

The Patriots are clearly a representation of American soldiers during the Revolutionary War. That's all well and good if you're a patriotic american, but what about British people? The NFL is bringing more and more games to England every year and I'm sure some of those people don't appreciate the 'Patriots' team name. Just imagine if a Vietnamese football league played games in America and one of the teams was 'The North Vietnam Communists'. Sure that would go over really well in the states. 

5. New Orleans Saints:

A Saint is a person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and typically regarded as being in heaven after death (Got that definition straight from a Google search. What up?). I'm sure the real Saints of the world like to be represented by a city with such unholy practices in debauchery. 

6. San Francisco 49'ers:

This team is named after gold diggers, freaking gold diggers. Great example we're setting for our young female population. I mean, they might as well just have a big picture of Anna-Nicole Smith on their helmets.

7. San Diego Chargers:

What is offensive about the Chargers you ask? Their logo is a bolt of lightning. Lightning created electricity, so basically the Chargers are all about electricity right? How would this not be offensive to Amish people? They may not have IPhone's or Playstation 4, but they have feelings dag nab it!

8. Detroit Lions:

Why would I pick Lions over the other predatory animal names like, Bears, Jaguars, etc.? It's easy if you think about it. Lions are known for eating Zebras. And what is it that NFL referees are called besides referees? Zebras. This means that the Lions will always get favorable calls from the Zebras out of fear of being eaten. This sets an example to our young youth children people, that you can get ahead in this world by intimidating authority figures with fear. Kudos though, to referee Pete Morelli who showed courage in standing up to the Lions in last years Wild Card playoff game.

9. Cleveland Browns:

Must I even make a case here? Their name is Browns! If you can use an NFL team name as a poop joke, then you should probably consider changing that, eh? I mean how times have we heard someone say "I'm taking the Cleveland Browns to the super bowl"? And if you've never heard that joke before, well then, you're welcome ;)

10. Pretty much everyone else:

Packers: Offensive to hoarders

Ravens: A symbol of death

Titans: They fight Gods in pop culture movies

I could go on and on, but you reading people probably get the point. Going back to the Redskins again, I think I have an idea that would make everyone happy. You could have them keep their name and logo, but just have the native american man on the helmet taking a bite of redskin potato salad. It's a win-win. The Redskins keep their name and the haters would back off. Then again, that would probably be offensive to anyone on the Atkins Diet. 

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