Falsity News: BREAKING: Tom Brady Accepts Deal, Suspension Will Be Reduced

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to go anywhere these days, without hearing about Deflategate, Tom Brady, and Roger Goodell. The big question still remaining from the Deflategate scandal involves Brady's suspension. Will Brady get an injunction so he can play right away? Will the suspension be upheld? Will the suspension be reduced?

We got the answer to the question earlier today. Brady's suspension has been reduced to six games. Not his NFL suspension of course, that wouldn't make no darn sense dang nab it. No, Brady's suspension from reality has been reduced to six games.

Before the suspension reality meant that Brady was suspended for the whole season in the world of reality. We all hope that Brady can come back from the world of falsity news and magical PSI decreases. Should Brady come back to the real world he can no longer cry for referees to throw their steeler flags every time someone breaks his nails, he can't video tape other teams, no pine tar, no Vaseline, no lost emails, no deflating diets.

Goodell offered a heck of a deal, that's fair, unbiased, consistent, and that makes sense. And Brady has agreed to stop cheating, lying, and crying. Are we sure this is reality? 

The preceding was a parody article for entertainment purposes. E=Mc2