Falsity News: BREAKING: Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella File For Divorce

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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have been a happily married couple for over a year now. Their relationship appears to be healthy on WWE Raw and reality show 'Total Divas'.

Unfortunately, appearances can be deceiving sometimes. There have been reports of the couple fighting, arguing, and playing patty cake. It has become abundantly clear that the couple has reached their boiling point. Bryan and Bella have officially filed for divorce from their cable company, Snobcast. 

Bella and Bryan were officially married to Snobcast last Smarch. The couple loved all the great programming with shows like It's Always Sunny In Alaska, American Barbara Streisand Horror Story, and Section 8 House Hunters. There was one show in particular that was causing the couple problems. The show in question is in fact WWE Raw. Bryan, who is stuck home with an injury has been watching Bella on the show and criticizing her crappy wrestling skills.

Instead of working through their own issues, Bella and Bryan have gone the route that pretty much everyone else does and blame someone else. Now that the couple will be without TV, they'll have time to do more lame hippy activities, like going to Phish concerts, picking twigs and berries, and frolicking in the forest with Bray Wyatt. 

In other news, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced that he'd like to build a wall, on Nikki Bella's chest. It could certainly support it. Yes! Yes! Yes!

The preceding was a parody article for entertainment purposes only.