2015 NFL: Week 2 Picks

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well now, Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season is in the books. We know what that means. Time to overreact and/or think we know everything about all of the teams.

Denver Broncos At Kansas City Chiefs: (Thursday Night)

The Chiefs are actually favored in this game, which seems nuts considering how much the Broncos have owned them the past few years. I guess it makes sense seeing as the Chiefs destroyed the Texans and the Broncos barely squeaked by the Ravens at home. Add to the fact it's a short week and night game at the kind of loud Arrowhead and well, I like the Chiefs getting the Broncos monkey off their back (for now).

Chiefs 24 Broncos 17

Tennessee Titans At Cleveland Browns:

Could the Titans possibly be good? Too bad we won't find out this week when they beat the hapless Browns. Now if they can beat the Colts the following week? Then we might have ourselves a sleepa! (yes sleepa)

Titans 31 Browns 13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers At New Orleans Saints:

I refuse to believe the Bucs are as bad as they appeared last week. They usually play the Saints tough as well, so I don't quite expect the big blowout that everyone else probably is.

Saints 27 Bucs 20

New England Patriots At Buffalo Bills:

I said that the Bills would split their first two games at home against the Colts/Patriots. Buffalo is a hard place to win, but the Pats seem to have it down.

Pats 23 Bills 15

Arizona Cardinals At Chicago Bears:

Raise your hand if you think the Bears will win this game.......Anyone?...... Bueller?

Cardinals 35 Bears 20

San Francisco 49'ers At Pittsburgh Steelers:

Perhaps the Niner's aren't as bad as people think. Unfortunately for them nothing is in their favor this week. They played in the late Monday game, they're playing a team with 10 days rest that lost, and they have to travel east coast to play a Sunday 1:00 game. I'd say San Fran got hosed pretty bad in the scheduling department.

Steelers 33 49'ers 24

St. Louis Rams At Washington Redskins:

Call me crazy, but I'm feeling like this is your classic road letdown game following a big home win. UPSET SPECIAL!

Redskins 19 Rams 16

San Diego Chargers At Cincinnati Bengals:

It's hard to bet against Andy Dalton in 1:00 regular season home games.

Bengals 28 Chargers 14

Houston Texans At Carolina Panthers:

Are the Texans really as bad as they looked in Week 1? Did we learn anything about the Panthers? I have a feeling one or both of these teams are going to be a pain to figure out this year (there's always a couple of em)

Panthers 20 Texans 13

Atlanta Falcons At New York Giants:

The Falcons might be good, but there's definitely some letdown potential here. Then again, I don't think the Giants will ever recover from their clock management blunder in Dallas. I'm thinking the Falcons will be joined by the Boo-birds in dirty Jersey.

Falcons 34 Giants 17

Detroit Lions At Minnesota Vikings:

These two teams were my picks for both NFC wildcard spots. Too bad one of them will be 0-2. I'll go with the more talented team that didn't have to play a late Monday night game on the west coast.

Lions 27 Vikings 17

Baltimore Ravens At Oakland Raiders:

Tough week for the Ravens. They lost a game they could have won and more importantly lost Terrell Suggs for the season. I'm not quite ready to throw dirt on the Ravens yet. If, that's the case they should handle the Raiders with relative ease. Then, again the Ravens looked like they had some issues in Denver. I'll go with the unimpressive two score win. This is a win where the score is kind of close, but you still never really feel like the underdog has a chance.

Ravens 26 Raiders 13

Miami Dolphins At Jacksonville Jaguars:

See Arizona/Chicago

Dolphins 24 Jaguars 8

Dallas Cowboys At Philadelphia Eagles:

No Dez Bryant plus a desperate Eagles team equals a close win at home for the birds.

Eagles 27 Cowboys 24

Seattle Seahawks At Green Bay Packers: (Sunday Night)

I predicted that Seattle would start 0-2, which I'm sticking too. This is a huge revenge game for the Packers in their building after one of the worst playoff choke jobs of all time. This also means a week of hearing all these insufferable talking heads asking "Is Seattle done for?" No because they get Chicago and Detroit (night game) back to back weeks at home. R-E-L-A-X

Packers 29 Seahawks 23

New York Jets At Indianapolis Colts: (Monday Night)

The Colts should bounce back easy after that rough loss in Buffalo right? I'm not so sure, the Jets defense is no joke. I actually see the Colts being down for most of the game and needing to score on the last drive to win.

Colts 23 Jets 20