2015 NFL: Week 5 Picks

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts At Houston Texans: (Thursday Night)

Andrew Luck or no Andrew Luck? That is the question. For is it nobler to win a crappy division by default and suffer the slings and arrows of the Patriots in the playoffs?

Colts 23 Texans 20

Jacksonville Jaguars At Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Games like this are why fantasy football was created I'm sure. Go Doug Martin! And go T.J. Yeldon in my other league!

Bucs 17 Jags 14

Buffalo Bills At Tennessee Titans:

Rex Ryan vs. Rookie QB. Give me Sexy Rexy all day!

Bills 31 Titans 13

Cleveland Browns At Baltimore Ravens:

Just chalk this up as a win for the Ravens right? Don't chalk it up yet, the Browns always play the Ravens tough and who knows who Joe Flacco will be throwing the ball to. Justin Tucker to the rescue again.

Ravens 20 Browns 17

Washington Redskins At Atlanta Falcons:

So, the Falcons might be pretty good and the Redskins actually aren't that bad I thought. I like the Falcons in a close one.

Falcons 24 Redskins 17

Chicago Bears At Kansas City Chiefs:

What's the best cure for a three game losing streak? Getting the Bears at home of course.

Chiefs 34 Bears 20

New Orleans Saints At Philadelphia Eagles:

Can we officially call this an elimination game? I guess maybe not so for the Eagles since they're in NFC Least. Very hard game to pick, but I'll take Drew Bress over Sam Bradford in a 'must win'

Saints 27 Eagles 21

St. Louis Rams At Green Bay Packers:

It would be hard to imagine the Rams winning back to back road games against the Cardinals and Packers. That Todd Gurley looks like the real deal though.

Packers 24 Rams 10

Seattle Seahawks At Cincinnati Bengals:

Tough game to pick. The Seahawks could very well be 1-3 if NFL officials actually knew the rules of the game. Anyways I give the edge to Cincy, because of the whole west coast team playing a 1:00 game on a short week thing.

Bengals 31 Seahawks 27

Arizona Cardinals At Detroit Lions:

The poor Lions just can't catch a break huh? I still haven't lost faith in the Cards though, they played a bad game last week and still only lost by two.

Cardinals 29 Lions 16

Denver Broncos At Oakland Raiders:

The Raiders may have been looking past the Bears last week in anticipation of this game. I don't think they're quite ready to compete for the AFC West yet, but this could very well be their Super Bowl and because of that, it's time for my weekly......UPSET SPECIAL

Raiders 24 Broncos 23

New England Patriots At Dallas Cowboys:

With the Cowboys upcoming schedule, it's hard to imagine them getting a lot of wins before Tony Romo and/or Dez Bryant come back.

Patriots 37 Cowboys 24

San Francisco 49'ers At New York Giants: (Sunday Night)

Definitely not the best choice for a Sunday night game. Hopefully Odell Beckham can make another crazy catch that Cris Collinsworth can babble about till the end of time. You know what? Speaking of this game. Isn't this the classic spot where everyone likes the Giants too much only for them to inexplicably crap all over themselves? Let's give it a shot with yet another UPSET SPECIAL.

49'ers 23 Giants 13

Pittsburgh Steelers At San Diego Chargers: (Monday Night)

Not sure I'm liking the Chargers too much right now. If Ben were playing this game, I'd be all over the Steelers. Still we have yet to have a game where LeVeon Bell goes absolutely nuts for 200 yards rushing and three scores. This could be that game.

Steelers 33 Chargers 31