Parody News: BREAKING: Ray Rice To Workout For Kansas City Chiefs

This past Sunday for the Kansas City Chiefs was an absolute nightmare. Not only did they lose to the Chicago Bears after having a 17-6 lead in the 4th quarter, but they also lost superstar RB Jamaal Charles to a torn ACL.

The Chiefs plan on using Charcandrick West and Knile Davis to fill the void. In addition the Chiefs plan on auditioning former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice. Now, if you didn't read the headline closely and missed the 'Parody News' part, you'll know this article is anything but factual. But just because it's not, doesn't mean this couldn't be a real headline in a few days or weeks. The question is, should it be?

More than likely, the Chiefs will probably stick with West and Davis for now, but in my opinion Rice is worth a look. It's amazing to me that a guy like Greg Hardy can get a second chance, but not Rice. I guess that's the power that one awful video carries.

Of course the Chiefs could go in another direction as well. Seeing as the Chiefs are 1-4 and unlikely to compete for the playoffs, they could bench Alex Smith and see what Chase Daniel can do for the rest of the year. In my opinion Daniel has more upside than Smith. Daniel could also get some semblance of a deep passing for the games, something they sorely lack with Smith at the helm. 

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