2015 NFL: Week 6 Picks

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons At New Orleans Saints: (Thursday Night)

Normally I would say this would be a good spot for the Saints, playing their rival at home on a Thursday. But lets face facts, the Saints stink. The Falcons are the better team and a good home field advantage means little when you're a bad team.

Falcons 34 Saints 24

Washington Redskins At New York Jets:

The Redskins are not that bad I must admit. This should be an interesting game and I like the Redskins getting 5.5 points.

Jets 16 Redskins 13

Arizona Cardinals At Pittsburgh Steelers:

Great win on Monday night for the Steelers. It's going to be tough sledding though coming back on a short week, while also going against their first prolific passing attack since Week 1 against the Pats. 

Cardinals 38 Steelers 27

Kansas City Chiefs At Minnesota Vikings:

The poor Chiefs just can't catch a break this season. You know things are bad when you lose Jamaal Charles for the season and blow an 11 point lead at home to the Bears in the same week.

Vikings 27 Chiefs 17

Cincinnati Bengals At Buffalo Bills:

The Bengals are a little overdue for a loss this season, but I'm not quite sure it's going to happen here. I just don't see the Bills putting up enough offense to get by.

Bengals 23 Bills 16

Chicago Bears At Detroit Lions:

A few weeks ago you could say that the Bears might have been the worst team in the league. Now you could possibly say the Lions are. At no point last week were they ever in that Cardinals game, even when the score was 0-0. Well, they have to win at some point right?

Lions 23 Bears 20

Denver Broncos At Cleveland Browns:

We know eventually to come this season is the game where Peyton Manning craps all over himself with a 3 INT game full of Manning-face. Will this be it? Not likely, I have a feeling the Browns will still be hungover from their big when against the team formerly known as the Ravens. Let's remember folks, these are still the Browns.

Broncos 31 Browns 10

Houston Texans At Jacksonville Jaguars:

So Blake Bortles may be out this week for the Jags. This seems like the perfect time for one of those crazy 'J.J. Watt owns this game' type of game.

Texans 20 Jaguars 9

Miami Dolphins At Tennessee Titans:

It's always hard to tell how a team will play with a new coach. Seeing as I don't really have any others for this week, I'll use this game as my minor Upset Special (The bigger upset specials are in all CAPS).

Dolphins 27 Titans 16

Carolina Panthers At Seattle Seahawks:

It's quite possible that the Panthers are better than the Seahawks and I could realistically see them win in Seattle, but the Seahawks need this game bad. Take the Panthers getting the points though.

Seahawks 17 Panthers 16

San Diego Chargers At Green Bay Packers:

Well, at least it's a not a 1:00 game Chargers.

Packers 37 Chargers 24

Baltimore Ravens At San Francisco 49'ers:

From the Super Bowl to the toilet bowl. How things can change in three years huh? I'll reluctantly go with the Ravens here since they are the more talented team (I think). 

Ravens 23 49'ers 13

New England Patriots At Indianapolis Colts (Sunday Night)

Is there one person on the planet that's going to pick the Colts here? The Patriots own them and as we know the Pats always play more inspired when they get called out for their cheating ways. Seeing as the Colts were the main whistle blower for the whole deflategate thing, well it's going to be a long night as always.

Patriots 41 Colts 21

New York Giants At Philadelphia Eagles: (Monday Night)

I hate picking these NFC East games. I feel like these are the games where no result would surprise whatsoever. I guess I'll go with the Eagles seeing as the Giants might be a little drained from their dramatic comeback win against San Fran.

Eagles 27 Giants 20