2015 NFL: Week 9 Picks

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns At Cincinnati Bengals: (Thursday Night)

Poor Johnny Manziel gets sacrificed to the Lions two years in a row now, or should I say the Bengals?

Bengals 28 Browns 10

Washington Redskins At New England Patriots:

Don't mind this Redskins team at all. They're definitely better than I thought they'd be this year. Too bad for them that they're dog meat this week in New England. I'm thinking they'll hang around for the first three quarters before Tom Brady shreds em.

Patriots 38 Redskins 17

Tennessee Titans At New Orleans Saints:

The Saints are off and running huh? Either that or they looked really good against a bad defense. Call me crazy, but I like the Titans to be rejuvenated with a new coach and their rookie QB back in the saddle. UPSET SPECIAL.

Titans 30 Saints 24

Jacksonville Jaguars At New York Jets:

Apparently old man Ryan Fitzpatrick will try to play with the bum hand. Not sure if Brandon Marshall is playing either. Which gives us a back to back UPSET SPECIAL.

Jaguars 16 Jets 13

Green Bay Packers At Carolina Panthers:

Great game. I like the Packers to give the Panthers their first defeat. The Pack are coming off a loss and playing a Panther team that played a grueling overtime game on Monday.

Packers 21 Panthers 17

St. Louis Rams At Minnesota Vikings:

Another good game here. Tough to pick, but I'll go with the better defensive team in the Rams

Rams 23 Vikings 16

Oakland Raiders At Pittsburgh Steelers:

Good for the Raiders for being decent and fun to watch this year. Going with the Steelers, because they're probably more desperate for the win, but they better not sleep on these Raiders.

Steelers 34 Raiders 31

Miami Dolphins At Buffalo Bills:

The Bills beat up the Dolphins in Miami already and they always seem to beat them in Buffalo too. Elementary Watson!

Bills 24 Dolphins 13

New York Giants At Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Is there a harder team to figure out then the Giants? I mean like ever. This years Bucs are kind of close.

Giants 27 Bucs 20

Atlanta Falcons At San Francisco 49'ers:

What's the best cure for a struggling Falcons team? Blaine Gabbart of course. How the mighty Colin Kaepernick has fallen. Someone should tell the 49'ers to let that dude run, that's when he's scary. He's only scaring his own team as a pure pocket passer.

Falcons 23 49'ers 13

Denver Broncos At Indianapolis Colts:

The Colts had a hell of a comeback last Monday, but it wasn't good enough. Too bad because now the human interception machine Andrew Luck is going against possibly the best secondary in football.

Broncos 28 Colts 20

Philadelphia Eagles At Dallas Cowboys: (Sunday Night)

Well the Cowboys have to win a game again soon right? Might as well be against the last team they beat, the Eagles.

Cowboys 20 Eagles 17

Chicago Bears At San Diego Chargers: (Monday Night)

And games like this are the reason fantasy football exists.

Chargers 31 Bears 26