Falsity News: BREAKING: John Cena To Leave WWE To Pursue Acting Career

John Cena has no doubt been the face of WWE for the past ten years. Due to the hard work he's put in for years, Cena asked for sometime off after dropping the U.S. Title to a returning Alberto Del Rio at last months Hell In The Cell PPV.

Well it looks like Cena's absence from WWE will go from a few months to forever now. Earlier today, Cena announced on his Ashley Madison account that he won't return to WWE because he's pursuing a full time acting career. In Cena's own words "To all my fans I say never give up. Unless you can make more money doing something else"

Cena has already had a taste of the acting life, as he starred in the awful, terrible, deplorable, stupid smelly turd 'The Marine' (A WWE produced film). The offers have been coming in left and right. Below are some of the movies that Cena has signed on to.

Hot Dog Crime Fighter: In this action filled atrocity Cena stars as police officer Frank Furter who acquires a magic hot dog costume that helps him fight crime or something.

The Dumbbell: In this Picksare animated flick. Cena plays the voice of Davey the dumbbell, a wisecracking dumbbell with a heart of gold who must travel to Nebraska to fall in love with an ear of corn or something.

Scarface 2: In the sequel to the 80's classic, Cena plays Tony Montana's cousin or something out for revenge.

The preceding was a parody article for entertainment purposes only.