2015 NFL: Week 11 Picks

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans At Jacksonville Jaguars: (Thursday Night)

Can't say I've really put much thought into this game (Can you blame me?). I'll go with the Titans I guess because why not?

Titans 24 Jaguars 20

Oakland Raiders At Detroit Lions:

So the Lions won in Green Bay for the first time in 25 years. If this here isn't a letdown game, then I don't know what is.

Raiders 33 Lions 13

Indianapolis Colts At Atlanta Falcons:

It's the battle of the sissy dome teams, how exciting! It's to tough to predict what sissy dome team will win between these two. Leaning towards the Falcons though, because this seems like a game where Devonta Freeman can rush for 200 yards and 3 TD's

Falcons 39 Colts 27

New York Jets At Houston Texans:

Not sure who the Texans QB will be at the time of this writing, but is there really that much of a difference between Brian Hoyer and T.J. Yates? Anyway, if I'm the Jets I'm telling Revis Island to follow DeAndre Hopkins wherever he goes. Bam!

Jets 25 Texans 13

St. Louis Rams At Baltimore Ravens:

So the league straight out said they cost the Ravens in that crazy finish against the Jags. I say, if they can't reverse the decision, then compensate them with an extra draft pick or smack some sense into in these ding bat refs. Anyway, this will likely be a tough defensive game. Like always the Ravens will be heartbroken in the end.

Rams 15 Ravens 10

Dallas Cowboys At Miami Dolphins:

The last two weeks I picked the Cowboys thinking they had to win again at some point. Should I go for three in a row? Tony Romo, this is on you.

Cowboys 22 Dolphins 15

Washington Redskins At Carolina Panthers:

The Panthers can't really go 16-0 right? Maybe, I mean this game against the 4-5 Redskins is probably one of the harder games they have remaining. The gravy train will keep going for one more week at least.

Panthers 31 Redskins 29

Tampa Bay Buccaneers At Philadelphia Eagles:

The Bucs are a half way decent team that's always competitive win or lose. You never really know what you're going to get from the Eagles though. And with the butt fumble man himself Mark Sanchez starting, well this makes for an easy UPSET SPECIAL.

Bucs 23 Eagles 16

Denver Broncos At Chicago Bears: 

It's amazing how things can change so drastically in a few weeks. The Bears are suddenly a competent team and the Broncos are struggling badly. Add in a young Brock Osweiler making his first start at QB and I like.....wait a minute....Isn't it way overdue for one of those classic Jay Cutler 4 INT games? Wouldn't this be a ripe time for that? He's going up against a play making secondary that doesn't want to be on a three game losing streak against the Pats next week. I will not be lured by this Chicago fools gold!

Broncos 30 Bears 13

Kansas City Chiefs At San Diego Chargers:

Hopefully when the Chargers move to LA next year, they won't have all of their home games taken over by fans of the visiting team. Can't blame them though, I hear San Diego is a lovely place to visit.

Chiefs 26 Chargers 16

San Francisco 49'ers At Seattle Seahawks:

The 49'ers have a bad habit of getting blown out on the road. Blaine Gabbart at a desperate Seattle team probably isn't helping their prospects this week.

Seahawks 27 49'ers 13

Green Bay Packers At Minnesota Vikings:

What is up with the Packers? You could cut them some slack for losing to the Broncos and Panthers, but the Lions at home? Come on now. And this Sunday it's going to be four in a row, because the Vikings are the more complete team right now.

Vikings 27 Packers 20

Cincinnati Bengals At Arizona Cardinals: (Sunday Night)

Everyone was pretty quick to crown the Bengals the AFC North champs, but let's hold on a second. They still have one more game against the Steelers and they'll only be two games up after they lose here. Carson Palmer's revenge!

Cardinals 27 Bengals 17

Buffalo Bills At New England Patriots: (Monday Night)

I know the Patriots just had a near-loss experience last week and I believe they'll have another one this week. The Pats are banged up and playing a Bills team with nothing to lose really. It's going to be another nail-biter.

Patriots 27 Bills 24