2015 NFL: Week 12 Picks

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles At Detroit Lions:

Can the Lions actually win three games in a row? They absolutely can seeing as they're play the dead-pan Eagles on a short week.

Lions 27 Eagles 17

Carolina Panthers At Dallas Cowboys:

Interesting game here. The Cowboys are undefeated with Tony Romo as starter. The Panthers are undefeated for the whole season, so something has to give. The Panthers are a unique animal (no pun intended), they don't take any team lightly and the seem to be the one team where everyone is completely on the same page. The Boys will give it a good shot, but will suffer one of their classic heart breakers in the end.

Panthers 30 Cowboys 24

Chicago Bears At Green Bay Packers:

After a rough patch the Packers went into Minnesota and re-established themselves as the King of the NFC North. That will only continue as the Pack get to face their perennial punching bag in the Bears.

Packers 34 Bears 16

Oakland Raiders At Tennessee Titans:

So maybe the Raiders are a year away after all. This could be a fun game that not many people watch, but I'll go with the Titans, as Marcus Mariota should have a nice game against a bad Raider defense.

Titans 32 Raiders 29

Buffalo Bills At Kansas City Chiefs:

The Chiefs may be done for the inexplicable let down after winning four straight. Not sure it's going to be against a banged up Tyrod Taylor at home.

Chiefs 20 Bills 9

Tampa Bay Buccaneers At Indianapolis Colts:

Interesting game. I'm liking this Bucs team a lot, they have lots of young talent and famous Jameis is looking like the real deal. On the other hand, the Colts are competent at the very least with old man Hasselbeck. I'll go with the Colts at home in what should be a pretty fun game.

Colts 31 Bucs 28

Miami Dolphins At New York Jets:

This has the feel of the game where the Jets completely unravel. Get ready for some boo birds.

Dolphins 26 Jets 15

St. Louis Rams At Cincinnati Bengals:

The Rams could really use a QB. How many years have we been saying this?

Bengals 31 Rams 16

Minnesota Vikings At Atlanta Falcons:

Tough to pick. Two teams I really don't trust. The Vikes definitely have the better defense, but Atlanta has the QB I slightly trust more. Screw it, the Vikes are the better team and the Falcons are spiraling out of control.

Vikings 24 Falcons 20

San Diego Chargers At Jacksonville Jaguars:

Will the Jags really win three in a row? Take a look at who they're playing.

Jaguars 26 Chargers 16

New Orleans Saints At Houston Texans:

The Texans absolutely have to have this game, as their next three games are At Buffalo, New England, and At Indy.

Texans 27 Saints 17

New York Giants At Washington Redskins:

Somebody has to win the crappy NFC East right?

Giants 26 Redskins 22

Arizona Cardinals At San Francisco 49'ers:

Normally this would be a good spot for the Cards to have a let down after two huge wins against Seattle and Cincy. The thing is though the Niners stink. They're too beat up to put up much of a fight is what I'm saying.

Cardinals 27 49'ers 10

Pittsburgh Steelers At Seattle Seahawks:

Very tempted to take the Steelers here. I could easily see them putting up around 30 points or so against Seattle's under performing secondary. Then I think that Seattle probably needs this game a little bit more and they're at home. It's going to be a last second field goal type of game.

Seahawks 30 Steelers 27

New England Patriots At Denver Broncos: (Sunday Night)

Could this be the spot where the Pats stumble? Their receivers and O-linemen are dropping like flies. On top of that, they're playing an excellent Denver defense at their house with a crazy Sunday night crowd. Call me crazy, but I'm feeling the UPSET SPECIAL.

Broncos 23 Patriots 20

Baltimore Ravens At Cleveland Browns: (Monday Night)

I'd probably have picked the Ravens here if Johnny Jack Daniels was playing. Now? I don't even know. The sad thing is this is probably the best chance the Ravens have at winning another game this year, but I just don't see how they score with Matt Schaub and second rate receivers.

Browns 16 Ravens 12