2015 NFL: Week 13 Picks

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers At Detroit Lions: (Thursday Night)

What's up the Packers recently? I know the Lions have been kind of hot recently, but there's no way they'll sweep the Packers right? Right?

Packers 32 Lions 23

New York Jets At New York Giants:

I have no idea what to think about this game. This is what I say for most games that involve the Giants. Never has there been a more frustrating team to pick for or against.  I'll give them the win here because I'm an idiot. Moving on...

Giants 23 Jets 16

Arizona Cardinals At St. Louis Rams:

The Rams pulled off a big upset in Arizona earlier, but that was before a depressing four game losing streak that included benching Nick Foles for Case Keenum. Foles is back again and keeping things consistently anemic. 

Cardinals 27 Rams 12

Atlanta Falcons At Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Was there a bigger first half fraud than the Falcons? The Bucs had a nice little mini run as well before being exposed last week. I'll go with Atlanta here because they gotta win again sometime.

Falcons 22 Bucs 19

Seattle Seahawks At Minnesota Vikings:

I have absolutely no feel for this game. What else is new right? When in doubt just take the home team and move on.

Vikings 26 Seahawks 23

Houston Texans At Buffalo Bills:

Should be one of those old school defensive games here. I'll give the slight edge for home field and the more mobile QB.

Bills 18 Texans 15

Baltimore Ravens At Miami Dolphins:

So here's how this will play out. The Ravens will win here which will cause one portion of the fans to think this team could actually make the playoffs. While the other portion of fans will be mad that the team keeps winning, which will further crush dreams of Joey Bosa being a Raven. My message to both sides. 6-10 and the #8 pick in the draft. Deal with it.

Ravens 24 Dolphins 22

Cincinnati Bengals At Cleveland Browns:

The factory of sadness could use a visit from the Care Bears or something. Anybody remember the Care Bears?

Bengals 42 Browns 17

Jacksonville Jaguars At Tennessee Titans:

I wasn't too happy when I picked the Titans to cover against the Jags the last time. They had a 13-9 lead in the 4th quarter and somehow found a way not to cover. Not again. Titans got this!

Titans 17 Jaguars 13

San Francisco 49'ers At Chicago Bears:

The 49'ers might have had their last gasp in almost upsetting the Cardinals last week. The countdown to a new franchise QB is on. Although I must admit Blaine Gabbart hasn't been horrible. Thumbs up to him.

Bears 20 49'ers 13

Denver Broncos At San Diego Chargers:

This is the perfect spot for a Denver letdown right? Coming off of a huge win against the Pats it makes sense. The Chargers are playing a lot better too. Okay one good game against the Jags might not be much, but this could be their Super Bowl this year. UPSET SPECIAL

Chargers 21 Broncos 20

Kansas City Chiefs At Oakland Raiders:

Can anyone stop this steaming locomotive called the Kansas City Chiefs? Maybe the Raiders at home, but maybe not.

Chiefs 24 Raiders 17

Carolina Panthers At New Orleans Saints:

Could this be yet another spot for an unexpected upset? Sure the Saints have fallen into obscurity as of late, but knocking off the undefeated Panthers could be their Super Bowl for this year. They'll give it a shot, probably better than most will think coming in, but it won't be enough.

Panthers 30 Saints 28

Philadelphia Eagles At New England Patriots:

The Patriots are all kinds of banged up and they'll likely be without the Gronker here, but I don't anticipate they'll get much trouble from the Eagles. Nobody else does.

Patriots 27 Eagles 10

Indianapolis Colts At Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday Night)

The Steelers blew the Colts off the field last year. This year I see a different scenario. The Colts actually have the lead and control for most of the game only for the Steelers to make a big comeback.

Steelers 34 Colts 31

Dallas Cowboys At Washington Redskins: (Monday Night)

When picking games every week we must remember to take the Redskins at home when facing equal or lesser competition. Seeing as this game is against the the dead-in-the-water-boys, well.....yeah.

Redskins 24 Cowboys 17