2015 NFL: Week 14 Picks

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings At Arizona Cardinals: (Thursday Night)

It took me a while to figure out the Vikings, but I got it. They beat all the teams beneath them, but falter against better competition. A road game on a short week against the 10-2 Cardinals doesn't bode well.

Cardianals 27 Vikings 17

Buffalo Bills At Philadelphia Eagles:

So is this where people start to believe in the Eagles after their upset win against the Pats? Maybe not after they blow this game, but that's okay they'll still be in the NFC East race regardless.

Bills 28 Eagles 20

San Francisco 49'ers At Cleveland Browns:

Is it possible that Blaine Gabbert was a good QB all along that just couldn't thrive in Jacksonville? Perhaps. Is it also possible that the Browns could get a little spark seeing as Johnny Manziel has been named starter for the 732nd time? Yes!

Browns 30 49'ers 27

Detroit Lions At St. Louis Rams:

So the Rams are going with Case Keenum again I see. Yikes.

Lions 22 Rams 10

New Orleans Saints At Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

The Saints probably shot their wad last week in their near defeat of the undefeated Panthers. 

Bucs 26 Saints 21

Tennessee Titans At New York Jets:

A road game against the Jets is a tough spot for Marcus Mariotta. Definitely not feeling the upset special here.

Jets 30 Titans 14

Pittsburgh Steelers At Cincinnati Bengals:

Great game here. I wonder why this wasn't the game moved to Sunday night? Anyways, I like the Steelers here since the Bengals took the first game. As I Ravens fan I hate to admit this, but this Steelers team is a legit Super Bowl contender.

Steelers 34 Bengals 29

Indianapolis Colts At Jacksonville Jaguars:

The Jags should have won the first game in Indy, but horrible place kicking did them in. After a Steeler butt kicking and an unsure QB situation I like the Jags here.

Jaguars 31 Colts 27

San Diego Chargers At Kansas City Chiefs:

After this game the Chiefs have a road game against the Ravens and then home contests against the Browns and Raiders. Crazy to think that this once 1-5 team could end up 11-5. 10-6 at the very least.

Chiefs 23 Chargers 13

Washington Redskins At Chicago Bears:

The Bears really blew that game against San Fran last week. The Redskins blew their game too, but at least they're in the NFC East where all mediocre teams have a shot of getting a home playoff game only to be obliterated by Seattle in the first round.

Bears 23 Redskins 20

Atlanta Falcons At Carolina Panthers:

The Falcons are the reverse Kansas City Chiefs.

Panthers 37 Falcons 28

Seattle Seahawks At Baltimore Ravens:

The Ravens at 4-8 have surprisingly played in 12 one possession games this season. I'm afraid this is where that streak comes to an end. The Ravens are just to beat up to keep it close with the surging Seahawks.

Seahawks 26 Ravens 13

Oakland Raiders At Denver Broncos: 

How soon until we get the announcement that Peyton Manning's injury is magically NOT healing? Kind of reminds me of Cap Rooney from Any Given Sunday. How long now until the "Steaming Willie Beamen" rap video from Brock Osweiler?

Broncos 24 Raiders 17

Dallas Cowboys At Green Bay Packers:

The Packers can ill-afford to lose this game with Arizona and Minnesota to finish out the season.

Packers 20 Cowboys 13

New England Patriots At Houston Texans: (Sunday Night)

This has the feel of a "J.J. Watt" is insane type of game. And with Gronk likely not playing, I'm feeling the UPSET SPECIAL!

Texans 25 Patriots 20

New York Giants At Miami Dolphins: (Monday Night)

I see the Giants having a 70/30 ratio for fans at this game. A warning for all of those fans: The Dolphins have the most annoying touchdown song ever. 

Giants 23 Dolphins 16