2015 NFL: Week 15 Picks

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports
Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers At St. Louis Rams (Thursday Night)

Another meaningless Thursday game where people will only care if it affects their fantasy football playoffs. Speaking of that, let's go Doug Martin and Rams defense even though they're in direct competetion with each other. 

Rams 23 Bucs 15

New York Jets At Dallas Cowboys: (Saturday Night)

I love the Saturday games! I'll also love it after the Jets destroy the Cowboys, that morons like Skip Bayless will no longer have delusions that the Cowboys can still win the NFC Least.

Jets 31 Cowboys 19

Chicago Bears At Minnesota Vikings:

The Vikings will take care of business against the fading Bears.

Vikings 27 Bears 20

Atlanta Falcons At Jacksonville Jaguars:

If the Falcons are ever going to win another game this season this has to be it right? Upset special?

Falcons 34 Jaguars 31

Houston Texans At Indianapolis Colts:

So I guess the winner of this game will probably win the AFC South. Then again you still can't count out the 5-8 Jags. I'll go with the Texans because their backup QB is actually healthy.

Texans 24 Colts 16

Carolina Panthers At New York Giants:

Will this be the week that the Panthers finally bite the dust? As we all know, when the Giants get up for a game they can beat anyone. I truly believe this will be the week. I'm all about that UPSET SPECIAL.

Giants 30 Panthers 27

Tennessee Titans At New England Patriots:

Now that the Pats have the #1 seed again, they sure as hell won't slip up to a bottom dweller like the Titans.

Patriots 42 Titans 17

Buffalo Bills At Washington Redskins:

The Redskins are playing at home and their playoff prospects are certainly looking better than the Bills, but something is telling me to take the Bills.

Bills 25 Redskins 22

Kansas City Chiefs At Baltimore Ravens:

One thing people may not be thinking about is that the Chiefs are still in play to win the AFC West. If the Chiefs were to win out and Denver were to lose 2 out of their final 3 then the Chiefs would have the tiebreaker. Basically Denver needs to split against Pitt/Cincy.

Chiefs 30 Ravens 13

Cleveland Browns At Seattle Seahawks:

The poor Panthers will likely get the #1 seed only to get stuck with Seattle in the 2nd round. 

Seahawks 32 Browns 8

Green Bay Packers At Oakland Raiders:

This is a frisky Raiders team. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if they upset the Packers at home. But I'll say that they'll probably have a letdown after their big win in Denver last week.

Packers 33 Raiders 24

Denver Broncos At Pittsburgh Steelers:

The irresistible force (Pitt offense) against the unmovable object (Denver defense). Only problem for Denver is young Brocky boy probably won't be able to keep up.

Steelers 31 Broncos 24

Miami Dolphins At San Diego Chargers:

Yawn, yawn, and more yawn.

Dolphins 23 Chargers 13

Cincinnati Bengals At San Francisco 49'ers:

Tough game to pick. The 49'ers have shown they can be kind of frisky at home. Not to mention A.J. McCarron will make his first NFL start ever. I say the Bengals defense will carry them for the win this week.

Bengals 19 49'ers 16

Arizona Cardinals At Philadelphia Eagles: (Sunday Night)

This is where it all comes crashing down for the Eagles.

Cardinals 37 Eagles 22

Detroit Lions At New Orleans Saints: (Monday Night)

It's funny, a game that means so little, that will mean so much for many peoples fantasy football playoffs. Go Calvin Johnson! You can do it!

Saints 34 Lions 33