2015 NFL: Week 16 Picks

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers At Oakland Raiders: (Thursday Night)

Another Thursday night gem! At least the Raiders are entertaining to watch.

Raiders 31 Chargers 21

Washington Redskins At Philadelphia Eagles: (Saturday Night)

This is a big game that could possibly determine who gets to lose to Seattle in the first round. There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to either of these teams, so when in doubt just take the home team by three.

Eagles 27 Redskins 24

New England Patriots At New York Jets:

The Jets have had a surprisingly good season, but this is where it will come to an end. They'll keep it close for a while, but the Jets just aren't on the Pats level.

Patriots 33 Jets 25

Houston Texans At Tennessee Titans:

The Texans now have the inside track to win the AFC South and they have two layups (Jags at home next week) to finish things out. Crazy to think, especially with how bad the Texans looked at the beginning of the season.

Texans 27 Titans 3

Cleveland Browns At Kansas City Chiefs:

The Chiefs are still in play for the AFC West title, but they're better off winning the wild card instead. The division title would likely mean a home game against Pittsburgh as opposed to a road game at Houston. Which sounds more appealing to you?

Chiefs 37 Browns 17

Indianapolis Colts At Miami Dolphins:

Old man Matt Hasselbeck had a feel good resurgence earlier in the year, but he's looking like his age now. Some believed the Colts to be a Super Bowl contender at the beginning of the year. Now they're dead in the water.

Dolphins 26 Colts 10

San Francisco 49'ers At Detroit Lions:

Blaine Gabbert on the road against a good pass rush is never a good thing.

Lions 34 49'ers 13

Dallas Cowboys At Buffalo Bills:

The overrated Bills defense might finally look decent against Kellen Moore (That's his name right?)

Bills 20 Cowboys 10

Chicago Bears At Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

The Bears are always a good bet when they're getting points against equally mediocre teams

Bears 19 Bucs 17

Carolina Panther At Atlanta Falcons:

The Panthers still need one more win to ensure the #1 seed. The real question comes as to what they do next week at home against the Bucs.

Panthers 31 Falcons 17

Pittsburgh Steelers At Baltimore Ravens:

Can the beat up Ravens make a game of it with their arch rival? Seems hard to imagine, but it seems like these games are close no matter the situation.

Steelers 27 Ravens 20

Jacksonville Jaguars At New Orleans Saints:

I'm assuming Drew Bress is out for this game, so yeah.......

Jaguars 31 Saints 24

St. Louis Rams At Seattle Seahawks:

The Rams will keep it close for a while, but the reverse play to Tavon Austin will only work so many times.

Seahawks 37 Rams 16

Green Bay Packers At Arizona Cardinals:

A win here guarantees the Cards a first round bye. Either way we'll likely see this game again in the second round. We'll give this one to the home team.

Cardinals 33 Packers 30

New York Giants At Minnesota Vikings: (Sunday Night)

No Beckham, no shot.

Vikings 23 Giants 13

Cincinnati Bengals At Denver Broncos: (Monday Night)

Big game here. The winner will likely have a first round bye (Bengals get it with a win here) while the loser will probably be stuck with Pitt in the first round. Not sure I like A.J McCarron's chances on the road against this defense.

Broncos 27 Bengals 16