2015 NFL: Week 17 Picks

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

So what I'm going to do this week is take all the meaningless games with no playoff implications and group them all together, giving only scores. Does anyone really need detailed analysis on those games? Didn't think so.

Meaningless games:

Falcons 30 Saints 24

Redskins 20 Cowboys 17

Giants 27 Eagles 13

Lions 31 Bears 27

Rams 23 49'ers 10

Tennessee Titans At Indianapolis Colts:

So the Colts need like a million things to happen to make the playoffs. I would have loved to taken the Titans if Mariotta was playing, but I just can't take Zack Mettenberger on the road against anybody. Feels like 16-10 to me.

Colts 16 Titans 10

Jacksonville Jaguars At Houston Texans:

The Texans won't slip up here knowing they need momentum going into next weeks game against KC/NYJ/Denver

Texans 31 Jaguars 20

New England Patriots At Miami Dolphins:

The Pats need a win to secure home field in the AFC. This has the feel of one of those 'just enough to get by' type of games.

Patriots 20 Dolphins 13

Baltimore Ravens At Cincinnati Bengals:

The Bengals need a win and a Denver loss to get a first round bye. Don't sleep on the Ravens though, coming off a huge win against the Steelers. Call me crazy, but I like the Ravens to keep the momentum going against a slightly banged up Bengals team on the short week. UPSET SPECIAL!

Ravens 24 Bengals 14

Pittsburgh Steelers At Cleveland Browns:

The Steelers need a win and a Jets loss to get a wild card spot. The Steelers will take care of their end of this. If Johnny Manziel was playing I would have given the Browns a punchers chance. They're dog meat though.

Steelers 34 Browns 6

New York Jets At Buffalo Bills:

All the Jets have to do is go into Buffalo against their former coach Rex Ryan, who will be hell bent on ending the Jets season with nothing to lose himself. Say what you will about Rex, but he's the master of playing spoiler. Jets lose and the Steelers will sneak their way in.

Bills 26 Jets 21

San Diego Chargers At Denver Broncos:

The Broncos need a win to clinch a first round bye. Would they really go back to Pey-Pey for their first playoff game though? Of course this game might not be as easy as it looks. The Chargers have been playing well the last few weeks and typically play the Broncos tough at home..

Broncos 24 Chargers 23

Oakland Raiders At Kansas City Chiefs:

The Chiefs could still win the AFC West with a win and a Denver loss. This is a tough game to pick. The Chiefs keep winning, but some of the wins they just barely eeked out like last week against the Browns and a few weeks earlier barely surviving the Chargers at home. The Raiders are the perfect type of spoiler team as well. I'll say Chiefs in another close one.

Chiefs 23 Raiders 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers At Carolina Panthers:

No way the Panthers lose this game with home field on the line. But will it be close? Kind of, but not.

Panthers 38 Bucs 24

Seattle Seahawks At Arizona Cardinals:

The Cards could still get home field with a win and a Panthers loss. Seattle on the other hand really has nothing to play for, they'll be the #5 or #6 seed and at this point is there really much of a difference from Wash/GB/Minn?

Cardinals 27 Seahawks 17

Minnesota Vikings At Green Bay Packers: (Sunday Night)

Tough game to pick. Noramlly I would just fall back on taking GB at home, but it's not like they've been lights out there, losing to the Bears and Lions of all teams. I'll reluctantly take the Packers, but I'll also take the Vikings covering the 3.5.

Packers 20 Vikings 17